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Blue Fin Boats was established in 1999 and have carved a niche for their boats in a very competitive marketplace. The attention to detail and quality of the workmanship, in conjunction with a great range of well designed boats, is what is driving the amazing growth of the company.

Blue Fin Boats has developed two complementary ranges of boats, one aimed at the family market and one targeting the ever increasing sports fishing market.

In the year 2002 Blue Fin Boats introduced the option of painting boats in any colour that the customer required and to date has delivered boats from one end of the colour spectrum to the other. This in conjunction with the development of plate side options for all the boats 4.5 meters and over. Blue Fin's expansion from this has seen the company grow dramatically and in February 2006 moved into larger premises to accomodate the huge demand for their boats and to support their dealer network accross the country. Blue Fin Boats is a huge success overseas with its export trade to Noumea growing every year.

New models are always being developed in response to customer demands and the desire that the company has to remain in the forefront of aluminium boat production. Blue Fin has initiated the changes required for positive floatation and all these measures were already in place before the deadline in mid 2006.

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